Motion-activated LED Illuminated Stair lights

Those who are having foot lights in their stairway, then acme663ryo has an interesting stuff for you. According to acme663ryo, your foot lights are having epoxy pools of glass in the knot holes. These can be triggered by any light motion sensor, which in turn drives a solid state relay. The relay during its active cycle switches your DC power supply ON and through which you can connect your LED lights.

In the above video, acme663ryo demonstrates his build with a Dell power supply driving 11.5 V to approximately 35 LED lights. More at YouTube.


DIY IR Trip Sensor based Stairway LED Lighting

Instructables member ElJefeUno brought an awesome electronics project of building an Infra-red (IR) light trip sensor to light up your stairway. The sensor uses a directional IR LED beamed at a sensor that shoots past where you’ll walk. When you interrupt the light from the LED, the LEDs turn on for a period of time that you can adjust.

Advantages of using IR LEDs includes: safe operation, low power consumption, no harmful emission etc.

ElJefeUno in this tutorial has covered the entire process flow involved in turning his idea into reality. Check out this tutorial if you are really having the curiosity to build this project now. To gain some more curiosity watch this video where he captured his amazing concept.




Ecoglo’s Arena Stair Lighting

With Ecoglo’s arena stair lighting now you can keep your fans safe and secure. This arena stair lighting is built to prevent trips, slips and falls, as well as light the way in an emergency. Custom designs of these glow-in-the-dark strips can also be made available that fits to any set of steps, and guaranteed to add a whole new level of safety to your venue.

Ecoglo’s arena stair lighting is based on the principle of photoluminescence in which the strips absorb light photons, then re-emits them as visible light with a bright glow that’s fully efficient in both light and dark settings.

For more information on Ecoglo’s arena stair lighting, take a look at Ecoglo inventory or call at 1-(888)-679-4022 today!


DIY build your own LED Step lights

Instructables member Quanchante shared an interesting project of building a relatively cheap and pretty darn easy-to-assemble step lights made out of LEDs.

If you are interested then get ready with the following Materials:

  •  Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Soldering gun and solder
  • Felt or Thick fabric that matched the carpet on my existing steps
  • 5mm UltraBright LEDs, color: Pure White with clear lens (3 per step light)
  • 9v Battery (1 per step light)
  • 9v Battery ‘snap on’ terminal leads (1 per step light)
  • Sub-mini Slide Switch (1 per step light)

Then follow the Step by step design Tutorial posted here.

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